Cosplay Compilation Spiral Cats

This is a compilation of the related cosplay from the cosplay group spiral cats

They made worldwide news when they cosplayed the Diablo 3 characters, Miyuko as the Monk and Tasha as the Demon Hunter.



You can see more of their Diablo 3 cosplay here.

There’s part 2 of their second video:

Second part of Spiral Cats on InsiteTV (korean with english subtitles)

Here they go to a convention in Malaysia, some cosplays which they featured were Tasha; Nidalee (LoL) and Miyuko; Lux (LoL)

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You can find the first video at Spiral Cats Insite Part 1 where they also show some of the behind the scenes making of the costume as well as preparations for the Diablo 3 Cosplay.

Miyuko has also cosplayed Leah which you can see further at Miyuko’s Leah cosplay.



They are also very well known for many other cosplays, from other games such as WoW to Starcraft 2 to League of Legends.

Miyuko’s Ahri is rather well known around the internet.

As Lux


Doremi of Spiral Cats as Jaina Proudmoore (World of Warcraft)


Starcraft Ghost cosplay

Screen Shot 2012-12-16 at 3.43.52 PM